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Digital Marketing Trends to look for the best in 2020.

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Digital marketing boasts a fast evolving scenario. Trends that were popular in the past year will be gradually replaced by new ones or modified with more advanced options in the coming year. So, while blogging has had been a dominant trend all these years, vlogging seems to be a rising trend for the coming times. Entrepreneurs and marketers need to stay abreast about the ongoing changes in digital marketing trends to sustain with glory in the current and future market. Akin to every year, 2020 too speaks of the ushering of some new trends or modified versions of previous trends that you must follow up with.

The post below offers a brief on the top digital marketing trends you should watch out for in 2020.

More focus on voice search-based marketing.

Rising popularity of digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa has brough voice-based command technology to the fore. People are getting more used to voice-based searches now compared to text-based ones. In fact, as per this HubSpot Article, 50 percent of online searches in 2020 would be voice-based ones. So, you need to customize your promotional articles and related stuff in tune with voice-based searches. One of the most important tips to fine tune your marketing contents for voice-search online is incorporation of long-tail keywords. It’s because the stress here would be more on not how we type, but how we talk.

Emphasis on predictive modeling marketing.

58 percent of marketers have affirmed 10 to 25 percent of uplift in sales figures through predictive marketing. (info:

The contemporary times speak of a fast-paced world where consumer behavior, trends and wants could change in the blink of an eye. Thus, marketers need to focus more on what their target niche will prefer tomorrow and not just today. This is where it is crucial to incorporate predictive modeling marketing in your marketing campaign. Predictive modeling harnesses data science (historical data on target niche) as well as probability mechanism to predict possible customer trends and demands in near future. Predictive marketing is the promotional campaign that you base on the predictive modeling to secure your brand appeal not just in the present but for the future as well.

Smarter ad bidding.

Smart bidding, technically, is a kind of auto bid strategy which invests in machine learning for optimizing ads for conversions. The focus is more on smarter ad bidding today which stresses particularly on high conversion-based strategies. The idea is to deploy machine learning to track as well as analyze millions of clicks and searches to maximize the conversion results. Based on that data, Google would decrease or increase bids depending on its understanding of conversion potential of an ad. Here is a brief on top 3 strategies that you can use for smarter ad bidding-

  • Enhanced CPC- This particular strategy works to adjust bids automatically for high-conversion clicks. It will further enhance bid in case Google notes you aren't paying adequately for conversion.
  • Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spent)- It lets an advertiser bid on the basis of pre-determined ROAS.
  • Maximize Conversions- This strategy counts on machine learning for optimizing bids automatically and presenting customized ads accordingly.

Rising popularity of Instagram Shoppable Posts.

In one line, the Shoppable Posts feature released by Instagram is pure bliss especially for ecommerce merchants and sellers on the popular social media platform. No wonder, e-commerce merchants this year will invest increasingly on Shoppable Posts.

Previously, the sole option for e-commerce merchants to attract traffic (organically) from Instagram was through their lone link in Instagram bio. But, now, Shoppable Posts allows them to mention product price and label right on every product image the sellers feature on Instagram. This way, it facilitates them to create nifty visual stores through each picture they post that further makes the shopping process entirely streamlined and hence effective. Instagrammers would no longer need to head to the e-commerce merchant’s bio to check the link of their store. All they would need to do here is click on the picture to access more information which eventually speeds up the buying process.

SEO structured data analysis for rich snippets.

SEO Structured data can be defined as strategic write-up of code in a way that’s easier for search engines to understand. If the search engines can read that code and find it to be really valuable, it would display it in featured snippets that appear even before the topmost result on search engine result page. It’s all about making your content richer so that search engines find it absolutely valuable to be placed on the topmost part of search engine. With the popularity of featured snippets on rise, digital marketers this year will focus highly on in-depth analysis of best possible SEO-friendly structured data.

Interactive email campaigning.

Email campaigning will never lose out on its value. But, as per the experts, the appeal of plain email marketing has become really stagnant. Thus, smart marketers today are  stressing more on highly sophisticated as well as interactive email campaigns, studded with stylized buttons, appealing images and more refined CTAs.  Such engaging setup is expected to inspire more clicks from target niche which will eventually enhance the conversion rate.

More refined Facebook Ads.

Given the ever-increasing popularity of Facebook, Facebook ads are definitely a prime preference for social media marketers. Now, the 2020 trend is to incorporate newer technologies in Facebook ads to make them more targeted and result-driven. One of the strategies to be used here is Dynamic Ads which uses machine learning to deliver personalized ads to targeted audience to increase chances of conversion. Incorporation of auto-translation in Facebook ad is another rising trend especially for businesses covering multi-lingual markets.

More focus on vlogging.

As per the experts, video content seems to be 50x more potent in driving organic searches on search engines compared to plain text. Thus, bloggers today no longer rely solely on text-based posts. There is a sharp rise in incorporating vlogging which involves video-based blogging. From travel to cooking to education, vlogging is fast catching up with almost all industries out there.

You have quite a list here. Follow these trends to nail the digital marketing scene in 2020 like a boss.

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